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History of the Foundation

The J-CAP Foundation was founded in 1980 by Executive Director Thomas White Jr. in 1980. Thomas White Jr. was an advocate for the Southeast Queens Community for over 30 years.

A native of South Jamaica, Tom has worked tirelessly to develop community-based programs for senior citizens and youth, crime prevention, drug and alcohol treatment.

He has worked with programs to prevent teen pregnancy, and he has helped to create programs for those suffering from HIV/AIDS, a program to assist young mothers with continuing their education with on-site childcare.

As Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of one of the largest and most successful alcohol and substance abuse treatment programs in the State of New York, he has helped to reclaim over 20,000 young men and women who have suffered the effects of abuse, misuse and addiction. Thomas White Jr. has helped these young people find positive goals and helped them become assets to the community.

Thomas White’s tireless efforts on behalf of the community had repeatedly been recognized by Governor Mario Cuomo. Governor Cuomo called upon Mr. White significantly to lend his expertise to bettering the quality of life not only for Southeast Queens but for the State of New York.  He was appointed by then Governor Mario Cuomo as a member of the Governor’s Advisory Committee on Drug and Alcohol Abuse. Mr. White was appointed by Governor Cuomo as Democratic delegate to the 1984 National Democratic Convention.

He also received the Governor’s Official Citation for “Outstanding Contributions” from New York State by Governor Hugh L. Carey.

In 1991 Tom White was elected to his first term as Councilman to the 28th Councilmatic District of Queens. During his 10 year tenure as a NYC Councilman he delivered over 200 million dollars to a very diverse community in southeast Queens. Thomas White Jr. knew the strength of a community rests on the foundations built by the elders. He always fought for quality of life issues for elders.

As a resident of Rochdale Village, he helped create N.O.R.C. (Naturally Occurring Retirement Community) a senior citizens’ program that offers comprehensive services to seniors who live in Rochdale Village and surrounding areas. Some of the services include: Senior Help hot line, On-site Nurse, Breakfast and Lunch programs, transportation and recreational activities.

On November 8, 2005 history was made as the voters in the 28th Council District overwhelmingly voted Thomas White Jr. back into office, making him the first NYC Councilmember to be reelected after stepping down because of term limits.

Through the J-CAP Foundation he was able to provide an outreach program to the community to educate those with substance abuse issues about treatment and prevention.

After his passing on August 27, 2010 J-CAP Foundation was reorganized to continue the mission he had set. Under a new board of directors and under the leadership of Bryan D. White, J-CAP Foundation has helped to provide educational opportunities to high school and college students through its’ scholarship program. The Foundation has also partners with local community organization to educate the community about Equal Pay Rights, Gun Violence and child care.

In 2013, the board of directors decide to rename the foundation after its’ founder and renamed J-CAP Foundation to The Thomas White Jr. Foundation for Progress. Inc. Still saving lives and providing hope for a better tomorrow.

Board of Directors

Chairman: Bryan D. White
Vice President: Ronny P. Simon
Secretary: Seleste White
Treasurer: Tasha Baston
Member: Tyquana Henderspon-Parsons
Member: Bishop Rev Dr. Michael Baston
Member: Reverend Nicholas Tweed
Member: Deborah Johnson
Member: William G. Riley Sr.