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Combat Addiction and Promote Education

Thomas White Jr. Foundation, Inc. is a charitable organization in Jamaica, New York, that conducts drug prevention programs to prevent growing cases of addiction. We also offer educational grants for people who wish to get a second chance at schooling. 

Encouraging People to Improve Their Lives

Cases of prescription drug and heroin abuse have become rampant in the community, resulting in an even greater number of crimes. To help solve this problem, our group reaches out to individuals from high risk groups. We invite them to join us in our group discussions and forums, held at our computer laboratory and conference center. These sessions are open for teens and adults who are suffering from depression and drug addiction. In every session, we educate them about the effects of drug abuse and support them in their recovery. We also have experts whom they can talk to for consultations.

Productive and Successful Individuals

With our aim to build a stronger community, our team offers educational grants to people who wish to go to school. This program is also open for individuals who wish to continue their education, especially high school students who would like to go to college. With assistance from other organizations, we provide internship opportunities to help students broaden their experience. Our team also provides grants to other nonprofit organizations that are interested in music.